Pilgrims Can Visit Riyaz Ul Jannah Just Once Per Year

Saudi Arabia has introduced a new law limiting the pilgrims to visit riyaz ul Jannah once per year.
riyaz ul jannah

Saudi Arabia has placed a restriction stopping pilgrims from visiting Riyaz ul Jannah (Rowdah) multiple times per year. Pilgrims can now visit it only once per year.

To visit again, they have to wait for another year!

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the kingdom has stated that Muslims have permission to visit the Riyadh Al Jannah at the Prophet’s Mosque, considered Islam’s second most sacred site, on an annual basis. They elaborated that a permit to visit this venerated place is granted once every 365 days.

As per the ministry’s guidelines, those wishing to visit Al Rawda Al Sharifa, also referred to as Riyadh Al Jannah, can reserve a permit one year following their last permit. Al Rawda Al Sharifa, which houses the tomb of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), is located inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

Prior to visiting and praying at Al Rawda Al Sharifa, Muslim worshippers need to secure an authorized permit.

After performing Umrah, the lesser pilgrimage at the Grand Mosque, the most sacred site in Islam located in Mecca, it’s a common tradition for many pilgrims to visit the Prophet’s Mosque. Here, they offer prayers and show their reverence at Al Rawda Al Sharifa.

Saudi Arabia expects around 10 million Muslims from overseas to participate in the current Umrah season, which commenced more than six months ago. A golden brass barrier was installed around the Sacred Chamber at the Prophet’s Mosque by Saudi authorities in April, replacing the previous wooden one.

The intention of the new barrier is to maintain the visual aesthetic and architectural design of the Mosque.

Drawing inspiration from the facade of the Prophet’s Chamber, Al Rawda Al Sharifa, and the booths housing copies of the Holy Quran at the Old Mosque, the barrier is 87 meters long and made of pure brass. It encircles the Sacred Chamber from three sides and is constructed to resist pressure from large crowds, while also being easy to maintain via internal supports that guarantee its stability.

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