Indian Sports Journalist Sushant Mehta Disrespects Prophet Muhammad and His Wife On TV

Sushant Mehta was seen mocking Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his wife Aisha (R.A).
Sushant Mehta
Image: Instagram/Meta

The video has sparked criticism and Muslim commentators have asked every individual to boycott the channel and stand in the unit against Islamophobia.

An Indian sports commentator and YouTube channel host of the famous Sports Yaari has found himself in trouble after his video covering hateful remarks against the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW went viral.

The video, which was reportedly recorded three years ago, shows Mehta laughing at a joke by Munawar Farooqui, who made fun of Ram and Sita.

In the video, Mehta can be seen mocking the Prophet PBUH in response to a joke by an Indian comedian on Hindu gods. This has exposed the Islamophobic and hateful side of the commentator.

The words have deeply offended the feelings of millions of Muslims around the world as they love the Prophet PBUH more than anything else. 

The video has also violated the honor of the Prophet PBUH’s wife, Aisha (R.A), who was one of the most learned, pious, and noble women in Islamic history.

The video has triggered severe criticism and has led to a huge boycott against his channel. A huge number of Pakistani cricket fans and subscribers of his channel have unsubscribed to his channel.

Mehta has lost thousands of supporters from his account after the video surfaced. He has moreover stated regret, saying that he did not propose to harm anyone’s sentiments which he was as if it were kidding.

Numerous Pakistani sports commentators and YouTubers have censured Mehta and his channel and encouraged their watchers to unsubscribe and unfollow him. They have too requested an apology from Mehta and his channel and inquired them to delete the hostile video.

Mehta said that he had no issue with jokes on Hindu divine beings, but he realized that individuals were delicate almost jokes on Prophet Muhammad. He said that he regarded all religions.

In any case, as per the Muslims, the statement of regret was as well late and too frail, which he was as it was attempting to get his followers back. They have said that his joke was not amusing, but a grave offense and a wrongdoing against Islam and the Prophet PBUH.

In short Mehta’s apology has been rejected by numerous Pakistani Muslims, who have charged him of being misleading. 

The case of Mehta and his channel has highlighted the growing trend of Islamophobia and disrespect for Islam and the Prophet PBUH in India and other parts of the world. It has also shown the need for Muslims to stand united and defend their faith and their beloved Prophet PBUH from any attack or mockery.

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