Quran Central Made Listening To Quran Recitation Much Easier!

Quran Central

Quran Central is the largest Quran Audio library, where you can listen to almost 270 Quran recitation audios by different Quran reciters all around the world.

The thing that makes them make this platform much easier for all Muslims that they have incorporated the numerous Quran reciters from every corner of the world.

271+ Reciters!

Whether it’s Qari Basit or Sheikh Al Sudais you will be having all the Quran reciters in one place, you can even search for Quran reciters as per the geographic locations such as (India, United Kingdom etc) the country you will enter it will give you the recitation of Quran within your vicinity.

Free Download

One cool feature of this Quran Central is that you can even download the MP3 of Quran recitation of your favourite voice meaning once you done downloading then you can simply listen to it even if you have the internet or not making it much easier for people to have access to Quranic recitation.

Quran Memorization

You will be able to receive the updates of new Quran reciters coming to Quran Central. It is a gateway to the whole new library of Quran, and you even can Memorize Quran online for FREE!

This is indeed a great startup that will allow more Muslims to have access to its library which is free for all as well as this website and app does not contain any pop ups or advertisement unlike other platform.

They are always updating their content so that Muslim ever miss out any reciter.

You can download their Android App, meanwhile they have only launched Apple Podcasts for iOS users. Furthermore, you can visit their website qurancentral.com to explore many other features they have introduced. Do give it a try and let us know in the comment about your feedback about Quran Central.

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