Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Dies, 10 Things To Know About Him

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Dies, 10 Things To Know About Him

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by Egyptian Military in 2013, right after one year in office, has died in the courtroom after he collapsed.

Egyptian State TV declared that his death was due to heart attack.

Mohamed Morsi was 67 years old when he left this world. On the other hand, The Muslim Brotherhood (Now-banned Islamist movement) has said that it was a Murder.

Morsi’s family has told the media that Morsi is not getting treatment for his serious health issues including diabetes and high blood pressure and was held in solitary confinement.

We at The Islamic Information collected 10 things that everyone should know about him.

1. Mohammad Morsi was a Hafiz of the Quran

He memorized the entire Quran by heart. Talking to the local media he said, that “they wouldn’t give me the Quran, but they were a fool to know that I have memorized all of it, but I miss the feeling of touching the Quran.

2. His intellect

Morsi was always labeled as an average kid, and often called dumb in studies. But surprisingly he was able to complete his Ph.D. as well he was a professor and the head of the Department of Engineering at Zagazig University.

3. He lived in a small apartment

He lived in an apartment, usually, Presidents in Egypt have big palaces to live, but Morsi always lived in his apartment and used Government owned Palaces for the meetings with top General, Foreign delegates and to discuss how to run the country. But he was requested to permanently move to the President house due to the death threats he was receiving.

4. Refusing special treatment for his dying sister

When Mohamed Morsi was president, his sister fell seriously ill, He was advised by doctors to send her to America or Europe for better treatment but he instantly said no, he said: “I would never want my own family to live in luxuries while ordinary Egyptians suffer in these Hospitals.”

5. Respect for Azaan

He had a lot of respect for Islam, hence even if he is delivering an important speech, he would stay silent until the azaan is finished.

6. Helping homeless widow

The video above is the homeless widow who used to sleep on the streets. One day Morsi passed by the same road, pulled up his car and asked her why is she asleep on the street. She told him that she is unable to support her expenses. Morsi gave her a respectable apartment with a fixed income per month by stating that no Mother should suffer like this in Egypt.

7. Taking part in AID work

He actively visited the affected areas such as Banda Aceh in Indonesia after that Tsunami that killed thousands, he also did a lot of aid work for Syrian people before it all went down.

8. Muhamed Morsi was World’s Lowest paid president

Most of the Prime Ministers and Presidents in the world become millionaires by the end of their tenure, but it is surprising that Muhamed Morsi took only $10,000 salary for the entire year.

9. He never missed Fajr in the mosque

President Morsi was so keen to pray Fajr prayer in the mosque that everyone sees him attending Fajr Salah on time in the mosque.

10. He hated pictures

He believed that most of the leaders in the world do things to take pictures so they could show it to the world, but he believed in keeping pictures apart but humanity first.

May Allah SWT Grant Mohamed Morsi Higher Place In Jannah.

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