This 7 Years Old Girl Memorise The Entire Quran

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7 years old, Maariya from Luton, England has finished retaining the whole Qur’an.

She began matured 5 when she retained Surah Yasin in a philanthropy challenge keeping in mind the end goal to raise cash for Syria. Not long after, she finished retaining the last Juzz of the Qur’an at a nearby madrassah.

Her mom saw that she was a quick learner and needed Maariya to wind up plainly a hafidhah. To her disappointment, there were no entire hifdh classes accessible so she chose to manage her girl through her hifdh travel herself.

She revealed to IlmFeed that it was difficult and required a lot of persistence from both herself and her little girl.

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“I was overpowered and to a great degree passionate to think Allah gave me the tolerance to see this through. It was difficult.

They needed to take after a strict timetable where Maariya would think about 5 hours per day, a session before school where she would discover some new information, a session after school where she would read what she had learned and another session after supper for correction.

With a specific end goal to rouse Maariya, her mom revealed to her she could pick any prize she needed each time she finished a segment of the Qur’an. She would regularly pick basic prizes, for example, a cuddly toy, a shading book or a supper at an eatery.

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Their endeavors paid off when in only two years when at 7 years old, Maariya finished retaining the whole Qur’an. A hifdh culmination function was held to praise her accomplishment.

7 years old, Maariya discussed Qur’an at her hifdh culmination service.

Maariya’s mom said that her little girl’s accomplishments have made her “the proudest mother that strolls this Earth” and that she supplicates that she “generally lives by what she has learned.”

She is something we need to learn from and get Inspiration from, May she bring the positivity in this world with her knowledge.

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