Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, 2 Muslim Countries Providing Oil To Israel

Israel relies on Muslim nations for its oil imports.
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Israel is a forcefully occupied country that does not own any oil reserves and thus relies on Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, two Muslim-majority nations for its oil imports. Pro-Palestinian critics argue that these nations must use their oil power to force the Israeli government to end brutal attacks on Palestine.

Israel is often looked upon by all the nations in the world for its resilience, innovations, and development. However, the forcefully occupied country of Israel significantly relies on oil imports from Muslim-majority nations even in times of extreme political crisis. 

Israel lacks substantial domestic oil reserves and in the light of Israel’s relation with neighboring Arab countries impose restrictions on potential oil trade. 

However, reports indicate that the two predominantly Muslim nations, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, play a pivotal role in sourcing the country’s energy. The nations together supply 60% of Israel’s crude oil which is approximately on average 220,000 barrels each day.

Israel’s cunning plans to secure these oil deals can never be overlooked. Israel actively uses its diplomatic, military, and economic influence to establish strong partnerships with these nations. Further Israel uses the rivalries and regional conflicts between the countries and their neighboring states including Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Armenia to its advantage.

Critics have raised concerns regarding the dependency of Israel’s energy sector on Muslim-majority nations as they argue that this situation is inconsistent with Israel’s foreign policy. Even though Israel claims itself as the only democracy in the Middle East, it supports authoritarian regimes.

Israel has been carrying out huge massacres and attacks on Palestine for the past few years. Israel claims to be a victim of terrorism however it has always initiated wars and violence in Palestine.

Pro-Palestine advocates argue that stopping oil exports to Israel would lead to significant pressure on the Israeli government to reconsider its decision on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This act will also serve as a symbol of solidarity with fellow Palestinian Muslims who are grappling with devastating challenges in recent days.

Israel’s dependence on oil casts a spotlight on the less explored aspect of foreign relations and energy security. It’s time for the nations to see Israel as a nation that relies on other countries for the most significant resources. It’s time for all the nations to use their oil power to stand against Israel and support the Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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