Kusoof Prayer To Be Offered Today At Grand Mosque and An-Nabawi

Salat-ul-Kusuf, also known as the “eclipse prayer,” are performed during solar or lunar eclipses.
lunar eclipse
Image Credit: NASA Johnson

MAKKAH – Tonight, at exactly 10:45 PM, Muslims worldwide will engage in the Khusoof prayers. These prayers, held in the Two Holy Mosques, symbolize the connection between believers and the celestial dance of the moon and sun.

What Is Khusoof Prayer?

Khusoof prayers, also called the “eclipse prayer,” are offered during solar or lunar eclipses. Unlike regular daily prayers, Khusoof prayers have two rak’ahs (units), each with different movements and recitations. These moments of alignment between the sun, moon, and Earth remind us of Allah’s grand design.

How to Perform Kusoof Prayer

Salat-ul-Kusuf, the prayer during a solar eclipse, consists of two units of prayer called Rak’ahs. Both prayers are recited aloud. Each Rak’ah includes two bowings, with the second one being shorter than the first. Additionally, there are two recitations in each Rak’ah.

Can You Perform Salat-ul-Kusuf at Home?

Yes, you can perform Khusoof prayers individually at home. These prayers are not connected to anyone’s life or death; they are signs from Allah. So whenever you see an eclipse, whether from your window or a mosque, turn your heart towards Him and pray until the celestial alignment passes.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH About Eclipse

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) explained in a hadith that eclipses are not caused by human actions, but are instead divine indications. He advised followers to pray during these remarkable occurrences, asking for Allah’s mercy and guidance.

As we get ready for tonight’s eclipse, let us find comfort in the magnificent wonders of our Creator. May our hearts synchronize with His timeless beat as we humbly pray under the heavenly artwork.

“The sun and the moon do not eclipse because of someone’s death. So whenever you see these eclipses pray and invoke (Allah) till the eclipse is over.”

Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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