Mentally Unstable Muslim Man Lynched by Hindu Extremists in India

Outrage and calls for justice have erupted over the lynching in India.
muslim man lynched in assam india
Photo: Maktoob Media

ASSAM – In a distressing fold of events, a Muslim man struggling with mental health issues fell victim to a brutal lynching by a group of Hindu extremists on August 13, 2023, allegedly over a suspected cow theft.

Imrul Hoque, Rahman’s brother, recounted the harrowing moment he received the news of his brother’s death. Local authorities informed him that Rahman had been mercilessly attacked by a vigilante group, an attack that ultimately claimed his life.

The group’s accusations revolved around the alleged theft of cows, a claim Rahman’s family strongly denied. They pointed to his mental state, saying he was not capable of engaging in such activities.

“He (Rahman) would ask for money from people and shops, but would never touch anything to eat.”

Imrul Hoque painfully recalled, a statement that underscores Rahman’s vulnerability due to his mental health problems.

Responding to the tragic murder, authorities arrested six individuals under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code who were suspected to be involved in lynching with one other person who will be arrested soon.

The arrests aim to take action and bring justice to Rahman and his family while sending a message against such violent acts. Moreover, Rahman’s family proved his struggles with mental illness by uploading a video on social media.

However, Rahman’s case is not the only one in the region. Just a month earlier, on July 25th, another Muslim named Saddam Hussein faced a similar fate in central Assam’s Morigaon district. Hussein and his companions were confronted in a Hindu-majority village, resulting in his death and severe injuries to his companions.

These incidents serve as stark reminders of the urgent need to address communal tensions, intolerance, and extremism that can culminate in such senseless tragedies.

The heart-rending deaths of Hifjur Rahman and Saddam Hussein underscore the importance of addressing mental health issues and fostering harmony within society. These incidents compel us to cultivate empathy, nurture understanding, and engage in open dialogue to prevent further loss of life and create a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

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