List of Things Needed By Pakistan Flood Victims and Where To Donate Them

List of Things Needed By Pakistan Flood Victims and Where To Donate Them

The Pakistani government declared a national emergency following catastrophic floods and landslides caused by heavy monsoon rains that have started to lash the country since mid-June. At least 937 people died, and 1,343 people were injured due to this natural disaster since June 14.

National rainfall recorded 2.87 times higher than the national 30-year average, which has affected 116 districts, of which 66 districts have been officially declared “calamity hit.”

Around 498,000 flood-affected people have reportedly been forced to seek refuge in relief camps in flood-hit areas of Pakistan. The humanitarian crisis caused by this flood is expected to worsen as the community and infrastructure increasingly cannot cope with the ongoing heavy rains.

With the increasing number of flood victims, the daily needs of the victims will also continue to increase and will require high costs. The government is estimated to need at least Rs72 billion to ensure the provision of assistance and rehabilitation for flood victims, which will later be distributed in the form of cash relief, condition of non-food items, and medical expenses for flood victims.

In addition, Pakistan is estimated to need at least Rs41 billion to reconstruct its overall infrastructure and repair more than 82,000 houses.

List of Things Needed For Flood Victims

The Pakistan army, government agencies, national organizations, and NGOs have worked for hand in hand to provide assistance to the flood victims. However, contributions such as perishable food and other low-priority materials are risked of not reaching their destinations or remaining useless.

So before you decide to contribute to the ongoing relief efforts for flood-affected people across the country, you can consider the following list of priority items to send to victims or deliver to relief camps. The following is a list of items needed for flood victims:

  • Clean drinking water
  • Dry fuels such as wood, kerosene oil, etc.
  • Dr eatables (Not recommended for distributing cooked food considering it has a time limit or perishes quickly)

Note: Cooked food can only be delivered to people who live close to relief camps or to those who can easily accept the food with less chance of it going stale when received.

  • Powdered milk for children and liquid box milk
  • Sheets instead of blankets and duvets
  • Stitched clothes that can readily be worn
  • Plastic shoes for use amid stagnant flood water
  • Sanitary pads (with disposal wrappers) or cloth napkins for female flood victims
  • Raw food items such as rice, flour, and lentils for people trapped in their homes due to flooding outside
  • Dry rations like roasted black chana and dates
  • Tents

Places To Donate To Pakistan Flood Victims

If you have decided what items you want to donate to help flood victims, you can send these aids to the following organizations:

  • Edhi Foundation
  • AlkhidmatOrg
  • BYACBalochistan
  • Legal Aid Society Pakistan
  • WomenDemocraticFront
  • Baitussalam Welfare Trust
  • JDC Foundation Pakistan
  • akhuwatofficial
  • HANDS Pakistani
  • meenaylaas
  • Ummah Charity International
  • rizq.share food

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