Israel Bombs Egypt’s Tunnel After Telling Gazans to Flee Through It

The only way for Palestinians to exit the land bombarded and sealed by Israeli forces.
tunnel in b and w
Photo: Fotor (Prompted by Layla Salmah)

After the people of Gaza were informed to flee via the Rafah border, Israeli forces attacked the Rafah border three times within 24 hours with four missiles, thus blocking the final way out of the land for the Palestinians.

With a war between Israel and Hamas intensifying, it has been reported that the Israeli forces have carried out several attacks on the Rafah border, the only border that is the gateway between Egypt and Gaza, after telling the people of Gaza to flee through it.

These attacks have sealed the last option for the Palestinians, who were looking forward to exiting. These attacks represent three within a period of 24 hours, with around four missiles aimed at the Palestinian side of the crossing.

Gaza has been facing several air strikes in recent days that have resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds and thousands of lives, with uncountable ones injured, along with the Israeli Defense Minister announcing a complete seizure of Gaza, cutting its water, electricity, food, and fuel supplies.

As per a few other reports, it has been informed that Israeli forces have even received support from the United States, which has further complicated the whole situation.

The Rafah border holds immense importance for the people of Gaza, as that is the only way to the world. Meanwhile, following the attack at the Rafah border, the Egyptian president expressed his concern over the Gaza war and crisis, calling for a peaceful resolution to this ongoing conflict.

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