Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Are Banning Pro-Palestine Posts

Social media users noticed the biased reach of the pro-Palestine posts.
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Meta, which has also been accused in 2021 of having biased policies, has faced allegations once again as users noticed that the posts supporting Palestinians were being allegedly censored.

As the situation between Israel and Hamas worsens, social media users have noticed alleged censorship of posts supporting the Palestinians, along with some users complaining about their content being suspended or banned on Instagram. Added to this, several other users have raised their concerns about the livestream capabilities being faced.

instagram blocks pro palestine post

One such thing was faced by a news analysis platform, Mondoweiss, that mainly supports Palestine. Added to this, social media masters have noticed that the hashtags related to Israel gained more visibility in a matter of a few hours.

Another social media user based in London posted her views regarding the low Instagram reach of a pro-Palestinian post and the high reach of a post she posted wearing skirts.

Israel has been targeting airstrikes continuously in densely populated Gaza, and those speaking in favor of Palestinians are facing issues of alleged censorship, which has led users to criticize Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

This biased pattern of social media reach has also been reported by Nadim Nashif, the executive director of a Palestinian digital rights group.

instagram blocking palestine posts

In light of these allegations, Meta recently came forward to deny all the claims and stated that all of its policies are designed in a manner to allow all voices to get a platform to speak on. However, it is worth noting that Meta and its subsidiaries, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have faced accusations related to these matters previously as well in 2021.

Keeping all the situation in view, 7 Amleh and other organizations are working hard to pressure social media on biased treatment and to respect the digital rights of Palestinians.

Several users have also posted strategies to control Meta’s guidelines, including different contents being posted on social media along with the ones containing Palestinian support statements.

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