Denmark To Ban Quran Burnings, 2 Years In Prison Anyone Who Disrespects

A big step from Denmark. Anyone disrespecting Quran will spend 2 years in prison.
Nyhavn, København K, Denmark
Photo: Adrian Cuj/Unsplash

COPENHAGEN – Denmark announced on Friday that the country is banning the burning of the Holy Quran, after global Muslim protests.

Denmark has recently briefed their security following the anger from the Muslim country, as the rise of burning in Sweden and Denmark.

2 years in prison

Anyone burning or disrespecting any of the holy books will be in prison for two years. But the law does not cover anything offensive when it comes to verbal or written. This only applies to the discretion of the holy books.

While talking to the reporters, Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said that the Danish government is trying to criminalize the Quran burnings, as it holds “religious importance to a religious community”.

He also added that he passed the resolution in order to address the Quran-burning issue in the country. He also condemned the Holy Quran burnings and called it a “fundamentally contemptuous and unsympathetic act” that will haunt Denmark and its interests.

The legislation will also protect other holy books such as the Bible or Torah.

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