COVID-19 Vaccination Not Mandatory For Hajj 2024

COVID is no longer a global health emergency in Hajj 2024.
pilgrims during hajj
Image Credit: Al Jazeera

MAKKAH – Hajj 2024 registration has been launched without the COVID-19 vaccine requirement or PCR test.

Muslims who want to perform Haj 2024 can now apply for it without showing a COVID-19 vaccine certificate. This is because the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency and that international travel does not require proof of vaccination.

This was confirmed by the health authorities, who asked the banks that are accepting the Hajj applications to stop asking for the COVID-19 vaccine certificate from the applicants.

They said that the COVID-19 vaccination matter would be addressed later, after the selection and confirmation of the pilgrims, according to the instructions from Saudi Arabia.

The health authorities also released new guidelines for international travel and Haj pilgrims, which state:

  • A pilgrim doesn’t need to have a COVID-19 negative PCR report before boarding or on arrival.
  • It is not necessary to go through screening for COVID-19 at the airport unless you have symptoms.
  • One must follow infection prevention and control measures at the point of entry to avoid the spread of the virus.

These policies, as per the reports, are in effect immediately until any further notice.

Any change in policy will be updated if required, as per the health authorities.

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