Belgium Bans Halal Meat, Decision Taken by EU Court

Belgium Bans Halal Meat
Markus Spiske

Belgium Bans Halal Meat: Today a Belgian ban on Muslim halal and Jewish kosher animal slaughter was backed by the European Court of Justice, which caused anger among religious groups.

It ruled in favor of a regulation already introduced in the Flemish region of Belgium, which, on animal rights grounds, has restricted banning the slaughter of livestock that have not been stunned.

This restriction was seen to be efficiently outlawing the Muslim and Jewish traditions where the livestock was supposed to be conscious when their throats are slit.

The ruler states that the court decides that the decree measures allow a fair balance to be struck between the importance attached towards animal welfare and the freedom of Muslim and Jewish believers to manifest their religion.

The Muslim groups in Belgium did not obey this decision as a denial of democracy, and it also did not respect the rights of minority groups.

In 2017, Belgium’s Flanders regional government issued an order, and in 2019 it took effect that abattoirs must stun livestock before they slaughter.

The ban was pushed by Animal rights activists and later argued that stunning animals so that they are not conscious when they are killed are more humane.

In Belgium, the authorities made many arguments that the measure would reduce their suffering, but it was widely observed as being targeted at the Muslim halal tradition.

Traditionally, the halal meat is slaughtered by hand, and the knife is placed in front of the animal’s throat and is blessed by a slaughterman.

Before the slaughter ,The animal must be alive and blood must be drained through its body for food to be halal.

The consumption of food has been limited by Judaism, also restricting how meat is slaughtered.

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