Bangladeshi Social Media Star Arrested For Dancing In a Mosque

Bangladeshi Social media star yasin

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DHAKA (AFP) On Monday (Aug 9), police in Bangladesh said they had arrested a Bangladeshi social media star for shooting a dance video at a mosque.

Yasin, 20, from Daudkandi, 60 kilometers from Dhaka, was arrested at his home for posting the clip online, according to the police.

In the video, the police are also hunting the woman.

This clip was shot by Yasin last month, and he uploaded it to his Likee account.

In the video, he is seen dancing in a mosque, Daudkandi Model Mosque, which is part of a new government initiative to build 50 Muslim places of worship.

Since then, his account has been suspended, but the police say Yasin’s dance videos have attracted more than 940,000 followers.

“He was arrested under the law protecting digital information,” Aminul Islam, the town’s police chief, said, adding that the dancing had “disgraced the mosque”.

Many Hindus and followers of other minority faiths have been arrested for hurting religious feelings in Bangladesh, which is officially a secular country, including Hindus and followers of minority religions who have been accused of insulting the Quran and posting comments that hurt religious feelings.

An Indian man was sentenced to seven years in prison for insulting the Prophet Mohammed on Facebook in September.

Bangladesh has jailed or attacked several secular bloggers who were accused of blasphemy, including other bloggers who spoke out against blasphemy.

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