American Singer Shocks The World With Her Beautiful Quran Recitation


Tajweed involves the difficult art of Islamic scripture recitation and is more challenging for non-Arabs, as they have to start deep below from the Arabian language.

“Quran recitation is an art in itself and can be appreciated by anyone and everyone,” says Jennifer Grout.

However, Jennifer Grout, an American singer pulled it off very well. Even though she was born and raised in Boston, America and had no roots from Arabs, Jennifer Grout excels in terms of Arabian music. Recently, she shocked the internet after uploading a video of her doing a recitation of Ayat-Al-Krusi, a part of the Holy Quran.

Ayat-Al-Kursi, meaning “The Throne Verse” is situated in Surah Al Baqarah as its 255th verse. It holds a relatively higher value for Muslims and is believed to be providing divine protection when recited at night.

Grout stated on Facebook that she was guided by her Arab music teacher for listening to recitations as many popular Arab musicians did the same.

She further added that the Quranic recitations are itself an art and, is appreciable for everyone, including Muslims and Non-Muslims. Though is possess special meaning for the former too,

She first came into attention when she participated in Arabs Got Talent 2013. Jennifer gave tremendous Arabic classic songs and also became the first non-Arab finalist in the history of Arabs Got Talent 2013.

Earlier, Jennifer Grout used to perform in Syrian cafes situated in Montreal and then after her graduation, she moved to Morocco. There, she converted herself into a Muslim and married her Moroccan friend. This american singer has performed in various festivals from the world after taking part and competing in Arabs Got Talent.

Jennifer always shares her thoughts based on the admiration of the Arab culture and stated her efforts to learn further. She has also sung a lot of Andalusi, Amazigh and Persian songs apart from Arabic songs.

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