Watch American Singer Jennifer Grout Converts To Islam

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Jennifer Grout, American singer, star of Arabs Got Talent, openly declared that she has converted to Islam and learned some Quranic verses, containing Al-Fatiha.

Concluded a video dispatched on YouTube on Sunday, Jennifer seemed with her apparent boyfriend and the other man in an air of friendliness and broad-mindedness.

Can you tell how to say Shahada in Islam? “ the man inquired Jennifer.

“Achhadou an lâ ilâha illa-llâh,washadou ana muhammadun rasûlu-llâh,” she detailed as she was saying Shahada, Acknowledgement of a Muslim.

The man went on to inquire her if she learned some Quranic verses and Jennifer believed yes.

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She then started to narrate Al-Fatiha Surah stunningly. Her lovely voice in recitation appeared to astonish the man.

In Islam, we pray. Do you recognize how to pray, “ the man inquired her.

Upon this, Jennifer’s unproven boyfriend interfered to tell that Jennifer identifies many facts about Islam.

She distinguishes what you are speaking about,” he voiced the man.

The video provides the impress that Jennifer’s grip of Islam had reserved domicile before she developed a household name.

It seems that Jennifer has no trouble whatsoever accepting the Amazigh man who modeled the queries in Tamazight.

Jennifer has previously sung beautiful songs in the Arabic language before.

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It is valued observing that 23-year-old Grout, a singer formerly from Boston, has come to Morocco to study both the Moroccan Arabic and Amazigh language.

She has also taken a step Arabs and Amazigh people similar by singing their old-fashioned music in a lovely and surprising style.

Watch Jennifer Grout Reciting Surah Al-Fatiha;

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