68 Years Old Muslim Man Beaten for Selling Beef and Forced To Eat Pork in India

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A 68 years old Muslim man in Assam, India has been beaten by Hindu mob and was forced to eat Pork. This incident is reported by The Hindu newspaper.

Another report stated that the Hindu mob first beaten the innocent 68 years old Muslim man, and then forced him to eat pork right after the assault.

This incident went viral after a video of this older Muslim man beating came into public for selling beef, it was shared on social media.

The man in the video below is Shaukat Ali, who is 68 years old and lives in Biswanath District of Assam in India.

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Reports stating that Shaukat Ali was warned by the locals not to sell beef in the area, repeatedly. This incident happened when a few locals went to inspect the shop and found Shaukat Ali selling beef.

As per Indian Police, they have lodged the FIR against the mob who had beaten this Muslim man and investigations are currently in process.

This is not the first time it happened, recently a group of Hindu mob badly beaten a Muslim family in India on the day of Holi. As well as, many Hindus even celebrated Christchurch attack on Muslims and recently, about 200 Muslim homes were burnt in India.

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This is ridiculous! Hindus are even worse then YAZID! I 1% understand that due to religious differences and allegations of selling beef, the Innocent man was persecuted but after all if you vision from a broader angle, all of us are Humans!! Does Hinduism teach these morons this!! Are they not Humans? I am sure they are not!

Yusuf Mohammed

I am a Muslim and I just started crying seeing this video. However, the old man should have stop selling the beef right from the first warning. There are other animals to eat such as camels, sheeps, goats etc. Beef is not a magical meet to be obsessed about.

nasima sultana

how dare you blame the innocent victim. he has the right to sell beef. many hindus eat it too. I don’t see the terrorist hindus attack Christians and athiests from eating pork. what if hindus get beaten up in muslim countries for worshipping satanic idols, drinking wee wee and killing baby girls. shame on you and death be to those infidel hindus

Akhan khan

I also thought the same at first, but its easy to say than do. We do not know if he has any other source of income or not or if he could other types of meat easily or sell them profitably.

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