8 Signs Your Body Shows When You Are Stressed

8 Signs Your Body Shows When You Are Stressed

Are you stressed out? These are the signs which your body will show when you’re stressed due to any reason, and it can make you sick.

American Psychological Association conducted a survey in which they found that 1/3rd-time stress highly impacts negatively on physical as well as mental health. If you spot these symptoms in your body then it is a sign that your stress is making you very sick.

1. Itchy red bumps will show on your body

red bump body stress sign

If you’re getting itchy red bumps all over your body (not because of any allergies) then it is a sign that stress is impacting your health negatively. If they do not go away quickly, they can be turned into infections and you can be allergic to things like heat and soap.

What to do: Damp a towel into a cold water and put it on the affected part of your body.

2. You will start losing weight

weight loss stress sign

Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which is triggered when a body is not able to process blood sugar and chargers in metabolizing fat, carbs, and proteins, says Shanna Levine, MD at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Due to stress people undereat or overeat which fluctuates their weight.

What to do: Take vitamins if you’re under eating, and walk if you’re over eating.

3. You will have frequent Headaches

headaches due to stress sign

If you usually do not suffer from headaches, but then you started getting headaches very frequently now then it shows that you’re stressed. Which can be worse and can turn into migraines.

What to do: Taking medicine isn’t always a great solution, so we prefer the using of Peppermint oil or lavender oil on your temple when headache starts.

4. Your tummy will stay upset

upset tummy stress

Stress disturbs your GI tract in many ways that cause digestion problems and heartburn. You might feel bloated even when you haven’t eaten, says Deborah Rhodes, MD.

What to do: Take an antacid but it is better to see a doctor before taking any medicine.

5. You will have a never ending cold

cold stress sign

Stress weakens the immune system and that makes you sick very easily as the body can’t fight the bugs efficiently. Neverending cold, if not sinus, then it can be related to stress.

What to do: Take regular sleep, and meditate to relax and de-stress your body, which will eventually cure your cold.

6. You will have Acne

acne stress sign

If you’re getting pimples, and your skin is getting more oily then it is a serious problem because oily skin is the big cause that you have acne. And pimples are a clear cause of showing that a person is stressed. But if you’re eating poorly that can also be the cause of pimples on your face.

What to do: Use of a medicated cream would be great after getting a prescription from your doctor.

7. You will start losing your hair

hair loss stress

When you start losing your hair, even after you’re taking healthy diet is the sign of stress. If your hair keep falling, then you need to show it to a dermatologist.

What to do: Visit a dermatologist right away would help you make your hair healthy again.

8. Your brain will confused or you will lose your focus

lose focus stress

Stress can clearly make you mentally unwell too. Having too much of stress hormone cortisol makes it tough for your brain to concentrate or focus on a task, which can lead you to anxiety or depression.

What to do: Relax your body, make your sleep cycle better and take few days off to skip stress to relax your body.

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