5 Useful Islamic Ways To Cure Your Migraine Pain

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Migraine is a problem which is very widespread and every 1 in 3 people has it. It can be bad as a parasite but we have the Islamic ways to cure it.

Most of the people usually bear a migraine every day, or occasionally, but there is no such medicine is there which can help it cure. Even taking a lot of medicines can leave a very bad impact on your health rather than killing the pain. We at The Islamic Information, collected 5 useful ways which can be used as a cure of A migraine, these 5 ways are listed below;

1. Recitation of Verse 19 from Surah Waqiyah

surah waqia verse 19 headache dua

You can recite this verse several times, for example, 33 times and then pray to make your pain better. As well as you can recite the following Ayah along with Surah Fatiha and Ayat Al Kursi to make the pain go away.

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2. Hijama Treatment

hijama hadith

Hijama is an ancient treatment which is also suggested by our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), you can see that in the hadith quoted above, you can also find many narrations calling Hijama is a cure for all kinds of illness.

Even scientifically, medical has proven it as a complete cure for all kind of headaches.

hijama headache hadith

3. Eating Apples

Apple is one of the fruits which boosts your inner energy leading to the brain, this is why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples can be one of the greatest home remedies for curing Migraine.

4. Recitation of Surah At-Takathur

In this hadith below, it is mentioned that recitation of this surah with all of the heart can help cure a headache instantly.


5. Recitation of Verse 42 from Surah Fatir

It is linked to Jafar Sadiq (RA) that when his daughter used to have a headache he used to recite the verse number 42 from Surah Fatir to cure it.

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Although, if a migraine is very severe then you should see a doctor because the cure is based upon its types and causes. Although the Sunnah and these references are a great way for us to find an Islamic way to cure it.

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