Indian Police Burns 200 Muslim Homes in Indian City, Meerut

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At least 200 Muslims homes were set on fire by Indian police in the city of Meerut after tension rises between Indian and Pakistan.

In New Delhi, the tensions are rising for minority Muslims as Indian police set around 200 Muslim homes on fire in Uttar Pradesh located in Meerut city, reported by International Media.

Indian police denied burning the houses, later admitted that these Muslims have committed serious crimes, with no shreds of evidence or explanations.

Here is the video of Indian police burning Muslim houses in Meerut.

In this video, a Muslim man accused Indian Police of burning Muslims’ houses, furthermore, that man also claimed that Indian Police apprehended many Muslim community men rather than capturing the real culprits.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to protect the lives of Muslims in Minority living in India. The government of India has also restricted the media to give this incident any kind of coverage.

In another incident, Indian police had tortured to death two Muslims in the state of Haryana in India. India is not taking any measures to protect their own country men just because they are Muslims.

Furthermore, BJP leader Vinay Katiyar said to media that Muslims should not stay in India, but should go to Pakistan. Another BJP leader recently claimed that they will attack Kaaba if Muslims build Babri Mosque ever again.

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On 7th of March, United Nations (UN) chief Michele Bachelet had shown its anger towards India for having “Divisive Policies” to oppress Muslims living in India and Kashmir.

“India’s political agenda is causing great chaos for Muslims and other minorities living in India. Create policies which are good for both Muslims and other minorities living in India.”

Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet said in an annual report.

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