Young Boy Cries After Finishing The Memorisation of Quran, Emotional!

Young Boy Cries After Finishing The Memorisation of Quran

Young Boy Cries after finishing the memorization of the Quran, this video shared over a thousand of time over the internet, and this is very emotional!

We have written about the girl who finished memorization of Quran at a very young age of 7, and then we see a young boy crying during the recitation of Quran which moved the hearts of millions of people all around the world. And now this video has uploaded and shared all around the world as they witness a young boy is crying after memorization of Quran, which is indeed an emotional moment for all of us.

This video shows the emotional moments as he cries his heart out after achieving such a big goal;

Allah has sent direct guidance to mankind through the Quran. Quran is one of an essential part of our life which most of us sadly escape due to the worldly affairs, they do not realize that Quran has all the solution for World as well as afterlife matters. We need to research more to find our answers through the Quran. Even reciting it on a daily basis can help you beyond expectations.

Most of us are not Arabic speakers, and for us, we should read it with translation, and believe me, you will not be lost, anywhere. It is a clear path, which Allah taught to us through Quran as well as through our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which can be seen in the phase of Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari and other eminent hadith books.

As the young boy cries, which shows his loyalty towards Allah, those were the tears of Happiness, when he had no words to express his feelings his eyes said all the things he wanted to say. All of us should share this beautiful moment with our friends and family too.

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