Sister Of Zayn Malik, Waliyha Azad, Who Believes In Hijab

Sister Of Zayn Malik Waliyha Azad

Waliyha Azad sister of Zayn Malik, Almost all teenagers, especially teenage girls, must know a handsome man named Zayn Malik. Having a golden voice and sharp eyes, Zayn was able to win the hearts of many teenagers. 

Moreover, he joined a group of the most loved male singers around the world.

Although now Zayn has resigned, he still works. By the way, still, remember Zayn Malik’s sister who once participated in one of the video clip One Direction “Story of My Life”?

Yups, this time Waliyha Azad is in the spotlight of netizens. This is because lately, he seems to be changing his appearance with a hijab. Although he still uploads photos without hijab, she is more often showing off her picture with a hijab bandage even when he was hanging out with his friends.

She went to Tong High School in Bradford. She has two more sisters, Doniya and Safaa. Her and Zayn’s parents named Yaser and Trisha Malik. and they belong to Pakistan.

Her act of sharing and promoting hijab is a great effort to prove her religion. In these days, when everyone is targeting Islam from every place. But, Waliyha Azad sister showed her religion off like a pro! and proved that no matter how one becomes but Islam is for everyone. Islam is the perfect way of living which teaches not to judge anyone.

Curious about the look of Waliyah hijab? see it below, you will be amazed to see her in hijab, so beautiful!

Hijab is indeed a beauty, but most of the people think that Hijab is only for Women, but Hijab means to protect eyes and body from anything sinful. For Men, they have to lower their stare and should not reach the women who are not Mehram to him.

Big up for this beautiful sister, Waliyha Asad. May Allah bless her!

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