You Should Never Joke About These 3 Things Ever In Your Life

You Should Never Joke About These 3 Things Ever In Your Life

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In our daily lives, we joke about the things which can hurt the other person without even realizing it. We should be more careful about what we say.

We often say rude things in get together which our friends do not mind, but there are some times when the other person get serious while you’re in the mood of making jokes, and eventually you hurt the other person and wonder why the other person mind such a thing.

It is not something strange, but totally Humanistic. This is one of the reasons why people stop talking to other people getting because they just do not want to be the center of the joke.

These are those three things which you should never joke about as per Islamic teachings

I hope this video will bring awareness and will help you how to be a better human. Indeed Islam is sent by Allah for the betterment of Humanity. We must seek knowledge and act according to it, as this is the right path.

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