More Women In Hell Than Man ? Clearing A Misconception

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There is a famous misconception about women in Islam that some hadiths state that there will be more women in hell than men. These hadiths include;

Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) narrated:

The Hadith About Women in Hell

Another one is;

Abu Said Al-Khudri Narrated:

The Majority in Hell are Women

but as per the Islamic research scholars, they have a few things that they want to make clear about these hadiths.

These Are Not Authentic

Most of the Islamic scholars consider these two above stated Hadiths as weak (Daeef – Meaning unclear or which can not be varified) but here, Islamic scholars say that these phrases do not make any sense of speech. In initial one, Muhammad PBUH talking about the responsibilities of a wife more than a general. In the other hadith, why would Muhammad PBUH talk about such an issue on Eid? That is why many famous scholars do not quote these hadiths.

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In case if we consider them Authentic, then the interpretation is EXTREMELY WRONG

Most of the scholars who think the mentioned above hadiths are strong (Authentic), they interpret them in a very strange way. The Islamic scholars present Imam Muslims’s quote in this context. Imam Muslims (RA) reports from Ibn Sireen (RA);

Most women are in hell

Allah treats both Men and Women equally

For all chauvinist men and feminist women, always keep this sentence in mind which Allah stated in the Holy Quran;

surah Nahl verse 97

Indeed Allah Knows the best!

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