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The Luckiest Woman In The World To Worship Alone In The Kaaba

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This Hajj 2020 pilgrim is hailed as the luckiest woman in the world as she worship alone infront of the Kaaba.

Due to the Corona epidemic, a symbolic Hajj was performed this year and during these interesting and unique scenes came to light which is impossible in ordinary Hajj where 1,000 people are seen everywhere and innumerable people are engaged in prostration and circumambulation of Kaaba before their Lord.

A picture taken during Hajj is going viral on the internet in which a woman is being called the luckiest woman in the world.

This woman is engaged in solitary worship in front of the Kaaba and at that time no one else is seen in the Kaaba. Such unique moments have rarely occurred since the advent of Adam (PBUH) on earth that a believer has circumambulated the Kaaba alone.

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It is worth mentioning here that this year a symbolic Hajj was performed due to the Corona epidemic and during this time no Corona patient was seen among the pilgrims.

But standing calmly in front of the Ka’bah and worship alone is no less than a blessing or a miracle.

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