Zainab, terminally-ill six-year-old daughter dies after Father Dragged By Police From hospital

terminally ill six year old daughter

Mr. Rashid Abbasi has made it to service the NHS for more than 30 years now. Recently, he got his ankles and legs tied up together and made away on a trolley from his terminally-ill six-year-old daughter, Zainab.

Aliya, his wife, and a former doctor was caught from her behind and got pulled away from the bedside due to which she fell backward in the hospital ward and was screaming.

This incident took place in a hospital located in Northern England whose name cannot be shared by the MoS because of legal issues. It appeared right after when it was known that these parents were a part of a procured dispute ith the doctors concerning their terminally-ill six-year-old daughter who is critically ill.

The doctors are insisting that Zainab should be permitted to die however the parents were emphasizing further treatment options that they feel would keep her alive.

This is what happened

Last July, after her admission to the hospital, Zainab’s parents believed that she would survive with the right care and services although knowing the fact that she was critically ill.

Yet on the 19th of August, the doctors stated that Zainab will die. An audio recording was collected which shared a doctor’s statement;

“The next steps would involve taking her off the ventilator…”

Mr. and Mrs. Abbasi continuously insisted on further tests yet the doctors denied by saying that the procedure of shifting Zainab to palliative care is must be started now. Rashid said to them that they have to collect an order from the court to follow it.

Undoubtedly, she was holding her father’s fingers the moment when a police officer shouted to go away from her, just before dragging him away from Zainab.

Rashid, a 59-year-old respiratory consultant, was with tears rolling on his face at another hospital where Zainab died. He also added that he now suffers from its flashbacks.

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