10 Years Old Hafiz Quran Wins Technology Award at Global Artifical Intelligence Family Challenge in Silicon Valley

Cropped 10 Years Old Hafiz Quran Wins Technology Award At Global Artifical Intelligence Family Challenge In Silicon Valley 1.jpg

Yasir Salman along with his family from Karachi, Pakistan was chosen from more than 200 entrants nad 7,000 participants attended the Global Artifical Intelligence Family Challenge in Silicon Valley in the USA. They were selected as the winners of the Junior Technology Award for their invention, Cavity Crusher.

The AI family challenge is a free AI education program bringing schools, communities, and families to give everyone a chance to learn AI. AI Family Challenge allows families to think of a problem, it can be anything and creating its solution with the help of AI.

Judges from all across the globe judges the submissions and about 6 families are chosen to share their innovative ideas with a panel of tech expert judges in Silicon Valley. This year’s judges included the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Unit at Google, Jeff Dean.

Yasir said that he came up with the idea of Cavity Crushers when the tooth decay in children is becoming a global problem. After brief research, he found out that the children do not brush their teeth for more than two minutes twice per day. With the help of his family, he made a toothbrush stand which can monitor how long a child is brushing his or her teeth. This device will also send notifications to the parents if their kid is not brushing as per recommendation.


Yasser’s parents could not be proud of their son’s invention. “I can’t believe when our ideas were selected because wonderful ideas from around the world were submitted to the competition,” Fareeha said.

“Yasir’s idea is appreciated because it is a child who solves children’s problems.”

Yasir not only creates and innovates but also remembers the entire Qur’an at the age of 10, which shows how good children are when they have the opportunity. His mother is very clear about things.

“Our children are not lacking in ability, but we need such a platform to develop their abilities.”

May Allah let Yasser and his family achieve the best in this world and in the next world.

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