Hajj 2024: Strict Meal Times Set for Domestic Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Meal timings and compensation policies for Hajj 2024 for domestic pilgrims have been revealed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
Hajj 2024: Saudi Arabia sets strict meal times for domestic pilgrims
Image: Al Jazeera

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has revealed Meal Timing for Hajj 2024.

In the recent turn of events as per the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, there will be fixed times to serve meals for domestic pilgrims.

The Hajj 2024 is expected to begin in June 2024. Moreover, the ministry has also announced that the pilgrims will be compensated in case of any failures and delays in serving the meals.

The Ministry has set the following meal times for pilgrims:

  • On the day of Arafat, breakfast will served from morning prayer until 10 a.m., lunch from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and dinner on arrival at Muzdalifah Arafat.
  • On the day of Tarwiyah, breakfast will be served from 5-10, lunch from 13:30-15:30, and dinner from 20:30-23:30.

The Ministry also outlined the following policy to compensate pilgrims:

  • If a pilgrim has to wait more than two hours to receive a meal, he will receive 5 percent of the package value as lunch compensation on the day of Arafat and 3 percent on other meals, up to SR 100.
  • If the pilgrim doesn’t receive a meal at all at the Holy places, he will receive 5 percent of the value of his package as compensation, and each meal is defined according to the delay. The ministry will also provide food to the pilgrims at any cost and the Hajj service provider will pay for it.
  • If the meal is not as agreed, the Hajj service provider must fix it within two hours. The pilgrim is reimbursed 1 percent of the value of his package for each meal, and there are certain restrictions on various meals during the Hajj season.

The ministry asked the pilgrims to follow the instructions and to report any violations to the authorities. The ministry also expressed its willingness to provide the best services to the guests of Allah and ensure their safety and comfort during the Hajj season of 2024.

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