Guy Shared Medical Realities Stated In Quran 1400 Years Ago, Which Science is Accepting Today

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Medical in today’s era considered to be the most authentic way of seeking knowledge, but this guy just compared Science with Quran and it’s mind-blowing.

A Twitter user compared how accurate Quran is after he proved valid points on few medical discoveries of the modern age with the Quranic ayahs which had been revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago.

Recently science taught how Pork is bad for Humans, and this is why pork had always been declared as Haram (Forbidden) animal in the human history.

This guy shared a number of references from Quran which tells how accurate Quran is

He added references to his tweets so that Muslims, as well as Non-Muslims, can look up themselves too.

He also told the reason why the Quran insisted to respect their Mothers

Furthermore, he proved how the Quran teaches that the Children belongs to the Father as well as their gender determination

He added more to this

It surely has

He also mentioned the Quran and Hadiths about the sleeping positions which Allah dislikes

Quran is indeed way more than Modern Development this world know

Moreover, he also made some corrections in the scientific connections

And he concluded it with a beautiful fact

Surely, the Quran and Islam are a complete guidance and all Muslims should follow it.

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