Can A Muslim Celebrate Holi? – Holi Halal or Haram in Islam?

Can A Muslim Celebrate Holi ? - Holi Halal or Haram in Islam ?

Many Muslims ask if they can celebrate Holi with their Hindu friends or it is Halal or Haram in Islam. We are going to answer that question today.

Holi is the festival of Hindus, also known as the festival of Colors, as people throw colors at each other and dance all day, and light bonfires. They believe they’re driving all evil spirits away by throwing colors, dancing, and lighting bonfires.

It is, in reality, a “Festival of Hindus” they have their firm belief that on the day of Holi, the “evil gods” were destroyed by “good gods.” And it is part of their religion that is completely based on idol worship and myths.

Is Celebration of Holi Halal or Haram?

Holi is Haram.

What Do Hadiths and Quran Say About Celebrating Holi in Islam?

Sahih Hadiths suggest that it is not allowed to participate in the festivals of disbelievers. When Hindus in India are oppressing Muslims and burning them alive just because they eat beef, still you’d want to “celebrate” it with them?

These are the hadiths that say the celebration of such a festival is Haram;

Holi quran hadiths islam (1)
Holi quran hadiths islam (3)

And this is what Quran says about it;

Holi quran hadiths islam (2)

These references are apparent and cut to describe how strict Islam is about idol-worshiping religion and tell people not to follow or celebrate it. Not just Hadiths, there are many references in the Quran, which you can read and realize are highly restricted.

You can wish people, but you can not Celebrate it. There is a big difference between “Wishing” and “Celebrating” Wishing means that you say good words for them as a human, but Celebrating means that you’re throwing colors at each other, dancing, and eating their festive food, which is strictly Haram.

If you still have any questions regarding it, please drop them in the comment box below. We will answer them for you.

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