Is Purchasing Products on Black Friday Halal? 2024

Black Friday shopping is feared by Muslims as being Haram.
What is the Islamic Ruling on Black Friday

Is black Friday practice Halal and Haram? Delve into the debate to reach a conclusion.


Fridays hold a special place in the life of Muslims. It’s not just a day but carries spiritual significance for Muslims as they gather in the congregational prayer and attend the sermon.

Black Friday

On another hand, Black Friday rings a different bell. It’s a term used in the United States for Thanksgiving and it falls in November at its fourth Thursday which officially marks the beginning of holiday shopping. Long lines, crowded outlets, and crazy shoppers are a normal sight for Black Friday.

Is Buying Products on Black Friday Halal or Haram for Muslims?

The question of whether it is halal or haram has remained a debate for a few years. Muslim scholars have different opinions on this matter Let’s explore some considerations:

Arguments for It Being Halal:

  • Discounted Prices: Some argue that taking advantage of discounts on Black Friday can be a financially good decision. It enables individuals to acquire necessary items at reduced costs, which can be particularly beneficial for those on limited budgets.
  • Economic Boost: Black Friday can stimulate economic activity by boosting retail sales and supporting businesses. This economic growth can, in turn, have a positive impact on society by generating job opportunities and contributing to economic stability.
  • Lack of Explicit Prohibition: Islamic jurisprudence does not contain a specific prohibition against participating in Black Friday sales. Since the activity itself is not inherently sinful, some argue that it falls within the boundaries of what is permissible in Islam.

Arguments for It Being Haram:

  • Materialism and Excess: Critics say that Black Friday can foster materialism and excessive consumption. People may be tempted to make impulsive purchases of items they do not genuinely need, contradicting the Islamic principles of moderation and contentment.
  • Spiritual Distraction: Engaging in the shopping frenzy of Black Friday might divert individuals from their spiritual growth and reflection, as it encourages a focus on material possessions rather than spiritual pursuits.
  • Ethical Concerns: Some Black Friday sales have been associated with unethical practices, such as misleading advertising or encouraging wasteful spending. Participation in such activities can run counter to the principles of honesty and integrity in Islam.

Bottom Line

The issue of whether buying products on Black Friday is halal or haram for Muslims is a matter of personal judgment. While there is no definitive Islamic ruling categorizing it as one or the other, individuals are encouraged to approach Black Friday sales thoughtfully.

The key lies in striking a balance between the desire for bargains and the teachings of moderation, contentment, and ethical conduct found in Islam.

Muslims are urged to make informed and responsible choices, avoid excessive consumption, prioritize spiritual growth, and ensure that their actions align with the values of their faith. Ultimately, the decision to participate in Black Friday should be made with mindfulness, considering one’s intentions and the broader teachings of Islam.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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