Facts About Nimrah Mosque In Arafah – Importance of Mosque Nimrah

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Nimrah Mosque is one of the well known mosques in the world. It is located in the Arafat. But there are facts that are related to this mosque.

1. Some parts of the mosque Nimrah are out of Arafah

importance mosque nimrah
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This was built in the second century of Islam. And now some parts of this mosque is located outside of the Arafah. This is the reason because Prophet Muhammad PBUH addressed a sermon at Wadi Urana which is technically outside the boundaries of Arafat.

When the mosque is being built, the architects should make sure that the mosque can welcome a huge number of people. The part where surmon is given is located outside Arafat region, but it comes under the mosque.

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2. Your hajj won’t be accepted if you stay at the outer side of Nimrah Mosque


As we have discussed that during Hajj a person has to offer two prayers (Duhr and Asar) collectively and should spent time in Arafat.

As you now know that half the section is outside of the boundaries of Arafat so anyone who stays in that part after midday to sunset will make their Hajj invalid. So, whenever you visit this mosque, make sure you know which part is inside the Arafah’s boundaries.

3. Last Hajj sermon was given in Nimrah Mosque by Prophet Muhammad PBUH


Hajj’s last sermon was given on the 9th of Dhul Hajj by Prophet PBUH. It is most important sermon as the Muslims are ordered to listen to every word of it.

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Few points of the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad PBUH includes;

  • Every life of Muslim is sacred.
  • Indeed everyone will meet and He (Allah) will deal with them as per their deeds.
  • Return the goods to whoever entrusted you with.
  • Do not do businesses that includes interests. Usury is prohibited in Islam.
  • Be kind to women and give them their rights.
  • Everyone in equal in Islam, there is no space for Racism in Islam.
  • All muslims are brothers to each other.


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