Dua Made By Yunus (AS) Is A Must Thing Which All of Us Should Learn

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Yunus (AS) was a Prophet sent by Allah SWT, he recited this dua in the time of difficulty when he was in whale’s belly, and it helped him out. (READ HIS FULL STORY HERE)

Sabr and patience is one thing that we all need to learn how to do. You have go through life with Sabr, now everybody i am going to ask you to do one thing, that is “SABR”.

It is easy to say “Sabr” but to act upon sabr takes you a life time, half a life time, years, patience does not come with words. You have to take people through Sabr, i will tell you another things that you can do a lot of good things in life.

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There are great stories of the Anbiya (Prophets), every single prophet went through affliction and all their afflictions are in the Quran. And from their afflictions you say the same dua that they used in their affliction, you will be able to find relief as well.

The biggest one is a Hadith that appears in Tirmidhi that you should say this and appears in Quran, is the one Yunus AS said;

Quran: 21:87

You say this dua to Allah SWT, First admit to your faults in front of the Mighty One, Allah SWT. The mighty one, Allah SWT love you.

Doesn’t he loves you ?

While you sin he still feeds you, while you sin he still clothes you, while you sin he still gives you your daily bread.

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He gives you water, he gives you food, he gives you a salary at the end of the month, he gives you a nice wife, he gives you children.

He has given you hundreds and thousands of gifts that he has given. You try count Allah’s gifts, you try counting them. It is impossible!!!! Allah says you will not be able to county my gifts.

Do recite this dua, and try to memorise them so whenever you face any difficulty in your life, so you can pray it whenever you can. Share this to help other Muslims out.


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