Why Palestine Is Very Important For Muslims?

Several reasons indicate the significance of Palestine for Muslims.
Jerusalem palestine
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Palestine, specifically Al-Aqsa Mosque, holds a special place in the heart of every Muslim throughout the world.

The history of Palestine roots back to over 1,400 years ago for Muslims. This land holds a unique place in the heart of Muslims due to its religious and historical connections.

At the heart of this connection is Jerusalem city which is considered religiously important not only for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims.

Despite such devastating attacks and drastic situations, the Muslims are determined to save this land for several reasons;

The Holy Quran Mentions Palestine

Palestine in Quran

This land has been mentioned in the Holy Quran (Surah Al Maida 5:21) as the blessed and holy land. Thus this sacred land has become a symbol of the determination of Muslims worldwide to preserve this land even in the face of decades of conflicts.

Significance of Al-Aqsa Mosque

palestine in hadith

Moreover, Jerusalem, and particularly the sacred Masjid Al Aqsa holds immense significance. This mosque was the first Qibla, for the Muslims.

The Miraculous Journey of Miraj

It is believed to be the location from where Muhammad (SAWW) embarked on the miraculous journey of Miraj, where he ascended to the heavens to meet Allah and received a gift of 5 daily prayers for the Muslim Ummah.

Historical Significance

The historical significance of Palestine is further emphasized by its period of rule under the Umayyad and Ottoman Empires.

Connection the Prophet Isa (A.S)

The Holy Land of Palestine is believed to be a place where Prophet Isa (AS) is expected to descend from heaven. Along with this he will also defeat and kill Dajjal, the false Messiah.

However, it is widely mentioned in the Quran and Hadis that the sacred mosque Masjid Al Aqsa will be replaced by the third temple of Jews marking the appearance of Dajjal.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has added further to the emotional and political significance. Reports indicate that around 5,000 casualties have taken place in Gaza in just 12 days. Israel has also blocked all the necessities, electricity, water, fuel, and medical aid to the city of Gaza making the condition even worse.

The suffering and massacre of the Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, by Israeli soldiers and the rule of injustice have ignited the emotions of Muslims worldwide. 

The Hamas-Israel conflict and the devastating condition of Palestine is a stark reminder for Muslims not to tolerate injustice, as many believe that the end times are drawing near.

May Allah guide us all to the correct path and help our Palestinian brothers and sisters in hard times.

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