Rights of Neighbors In Islam As Told in Quran and Hadiths

Rights Of Neighbors In Islam Quran And Hadiths

All of us are from Adam (AS) and Hawa, so indirectly we all are brothers and sisters. No one is superior to anyone except for those having Taqwa (Piety). All of us depend on each other to make this society a better place.

For being a good Muslim, it is important for us to be good to our parents, siblings, and relatives as well as our neighbors. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also taught that Neighbor isn’t the one who lives on your right and left, he added that neighbors are all the houses (Fourty houses) that are located in your street.

As Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran;

Rights Of Neighbors In Quran

For being a Good Muslims it is very important to be good to your neighbor, one should not eat if your neighbor is hungry. A good Muslims should wish the same for the neighbors what he or she would think for themselves, do help them in their happiness and their sorrow.

Moreover, do not spy on your neighbors and always respect their privacy and refrain to do gossip about them and cause them no harm. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

Rights Of Neighbors In Bukhari

Rights of neighbors in Islam are very important, by neglecting them you can never be a Muslim as the rights of neighbors are a must follow in Islam.

Rights Of Neighbors In Muslim Hadith

Major Rights of Neighbors in Islam as per Quran and Hadiths

These are some of the major rights your neighbors have on you as per Quran and Hadiths;

  • Share a meal with your neighbors if they’re hungry. (Sahih Muslim)
  • Always help them if they ask for help.
  • Never harass your neighbors.
  • Give away Gifts to your neighbors on occasions. (Muslim)
  • Visit your neighbors if they’re ill, take part in their funeral if anyone from their family dies.
  • Give your neighbor a loan if they need it.
  • Talk to them politely.

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