Islamic New Year 2024 Wishes and Greetings

Islamic New Year Wishes Greetings

Islamic New Year 2024 Wishes and Greetings: Muslims around the world will welcome the Islamic New Year 2024 or 1 Muharram 1444 H.

The Islamic new year is marked by the turn of the month from Zulhijjah to Muharram. The month of Muharram itself is one of the months glorified by Allah SWT. Even Muharram was dubbed as Syahrullah, which means the Month of Allah.

The Islamic New Year begins with the sighting of the new moon at sunset. The stipulation of the Islamic New Year is indeed different from that of the Christian New Year because the Islamic calendar uses calculations based on the lunar cycle (qamariyah) in contrast to the Christian calendar which uses the shamsiyah system or solar cycle.

The Hijri New Year has an important meaning in Islam as it marks an important event that occurred in Islamic history, namely commemorating the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Medina in 622 AD. The historic event was taken as the beginning of the calculation for the Hijri calendar, 1 Muharram.

One way to celebrate or welcome the Islamic New Year or the glorious month of Muharram can be through good prayers/wishes and greetings. The Islamic New Year’s greetings for 2024 are suitable to be shared with your closest such as family, relatives, and friends.

The words given can grow our gratitude to Allah SWT for being reunited with the Hijri Year again and being able to establish friendships with those closest to you, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has not ended and the spread of the monkeypox virus.

Here are wishes and greetings we have gathered for the Islamic New Year 2024/1 Muharram 1444 H that you can send and share with your family and friends :

  • Happy Islamic New Year 2024! Hopefully, we can all continue to improve ourselves towards goodness at the beginning of this new year.
  • Marhaban ya Muharram 1444 H. May we all always be given health, long life, sustenance, and blessings in life by Allah SWT in this year. Aamiin.
  • Kulla ‘am wa antum bikhair. Happy 1 Muharram 1444 H. Let’s make this new year the beginning of a better life.
  • My family and I wish you a Happy Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1444 H. Hopefully we can all move towards a life of charity and faith better than the previous years.
  • Happy new year 1 Muharram 1444 H, may this new year be the beginning of us starting new things and all our wishes will be achieved this year, Aamiin.
  • Happy Islamic New Year 2024! May we continue to be grateful to Allah SWT for giving us the pleasure of living the previous year and the one to come.
  • Happy Islamic New Year everyone! May we all continue to be surrounded by goodness and continue to be healthy in body and soul, and may in every step we continue to be in His grace.
  • At the beginning of this glorious Muharram, may Allah give health, peace, happiness, and safety in all of our lives.
  • Let’s welcome the Islamic new year with joy and hope that what will happen is better than yesterday.
  • Let’s make this Hijri New Year a path for self-reflection and asking for forgiveness from Allah SWT.
  • Humans often commit faults but Allah SWT, God of us all, creators of the universe always provides opportunities for us to be better every day. Happy Islamic New Year 1444 H. Let’s leave the bad things behind and become better in the future.
  • Congratulations on welcoming 1 Muharram 1444 H, let’s increase our faith and piety to Allah SWT in this blessed year.
  • With the arrival of the Islamic New Year 1444 Hijri, I pray that you and your family will be blessed by Allah Ta’ala with happiness and peace of mind.
  • All praise and gratitude we pray for the presence of Allah SWT. Happy Hijri New Year to you and your family.
  • In this Hijriyah new year, Hopefully, we can all take advantage of this precious moment to be better people than before. InshaAllah, Aamiin.

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