Powerful Lesson Behind The Word Maaz Allah – Worth Sharing!

maaz allah

Recently, we have been listening to some Islamic lectures and there is always something new to learn, this time, we bring a different lesson about Maaz Allah, which is worth sharing.

Ma’az Allah is an Arabic word (written as معاز اللہ in Arabic) which means “Cling on to Allah“. It was also used by Yousuf AS (Also known as Joseph) when Zulekha was trying to seduce him and Yusuf AS was in a state of shock and Ma’az Allah were the words that came out from his mouth, which means Cling on to Allah, oh Allah I seek your refuge.

Furthermore, the word “Ma’az” drived from the Arabic language which describes the leaves that are wrapped across the trunk of a tree, or meat/flesh that is attached to the bone and tough to come off.

So Maaz Allah is clinging on to Allah like it becomes difficult to detach yourself from the Almighty Allah.

SubhanAllah, what an INCREDIBLE word. In today’s era, we do not need any physical presence of Zulaikha or any male version of her, all you need is a social media and a phone to communicate with people and watch anything explicit videos or whatever strange and morally incorrect things happening all around the world.

Always remember, Satan is very patient, he tries to slowly enter in your life, make you feel that the sin is beautiful and as the time passes, it corrupts your mind as well your heart. None of us is perfect, we all sin but Allah says “Call upon me, I will respond.” What matters is how soon you repent for your sin.

So, call him even if satan puts “Your sins are too big” in your mind. Repent to Allah with a hope that you won’t commit the sin you’re repenting for ever again in your life.

Allah is Ar-Rehman which means “The Most Merciful”.

May Allah guide us all and give us a strong will power to make the right decisions.

What an amazingly compelling word: معاز اللہ 💫

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