Is Erling Haaland Muslim?

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland’s religious affiliation remains unconfirmed, and speculation about his beliefs is based on interpretations of his social media activity.

Talented Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland has been the subject of speculation about his religious beliefs. Although Haaland never admitted himself being Muslim several tweets and posts on social media have led fans to wonder if he is a Muslim or not

On several occasions, Haaland used Islamic words such as Alhamdulilah and insha’Allah which sparked discussion about his religious beliefs. However, it is quite obvious that the posts or tweets alone are not a piece of proper evidence or proof for Haaland being a Muslim.

haaland InshaAllah
haaland Alhamdullilah

Back in Abu Dhabi, during one of his training camps he shared photos of the mosque with a caption of ‘WOW’ on his Instagram account While this gesture could be seen as an admiration of the site, it does not offer conclusive evidence regarding his personal religious beliefs.

In September 2021, Haaland celebrated a goal alongside his teammate Mahmoud Dahoud. The Borussia Dortmund Twitter account shared an image of the celebration, with the caption “Alhamdulillah Habibi.” Haaland’s response to this tweet was a simple “Alhamdulillah.”

This interaction led many fans to believe that Haaland was acknowledging and respecting his teammate’s Muslim faith. However, it’s worth noting that this could also be interpreted as a gesture of admiration rather than a declaration of personal religious affiliation.

Another tweet that sparked curiosity was when a Manchester City-based Twitter account wished Haaland a happy birthday, and he responded with “Thanks! Debut vs Bayern Inshallah.” The use of “Inshallah,” surprised fans and raised further speculation about Haaland’s religious beliefs.

However, as with the previous instances, this could also be seen as a show of respect or a cultural reference rather than a confirmation of his faith.


Based on the Available evidence which revolves majorly around social media tweets and posts by him it can be speculated that he might have an affinity for Islam. However, without any statement from Haaland himself over his religious belief, it is not right to determine his religious affiliation 

In conclusion, while indications and interpretations are suggesting that Erling Haaland may have an association with the Muslim faith, he has not publicly confirmed his religious beliefs. Without definite confirmation or additional evidence, to say with any certainty whether Harland is a Muslim is speculation.

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