List of Charities Providing Aid in Palestine and Gaza

Send your donations to Gaza via various trusted charity organizations that are working for the affected Palestinians.
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The devastating conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries.

Palestinians are craving even the necessities as the situation is worsening. It’s time to donate to the affected Gazans through trusted charitable bodies.

The recent ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and Israel’s continuous attacks on Gaza, including the hospitals, have resulted in 5000+ casualties.

Israel has announced a complete blockade of food, fuel, water, and medical aid to Gaza, leaving the injured Palestinians in the worst possible conditions.

As Muslims around the world are protesting and calling for the United Nations to address the issue, various organizations are donating and collecting donations themselves to provide relief funds to the affected Palestinians.

A few of the trusted charity organizations and teams are listed below.

Islamic Relief Fund

(Ireland, Middle East, Switzerland, Spain, UK, etc.)

Islamic Relief Fund, located globally, including in the UK, has a history of supporting Palestinians since 1997. The organization has donated around £109 million to the affected Palestinians.

In 2008, the Islamic Relief Fund initiated an emergency response and reconstruction program in the areas that faced destruction. In 2012, 2014, and 2018, during crucial times, medical aid was provided to the Palestinians.

A significant contribution was made in 2020 during COVID-19 when the organization provided food vouchers to 10,000 jobless individuals in Palestine.


(United States)

Since 1968, Anera has been providing emergency aid in Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. The organization focuses on providing emergency relief funds. The 50-year history of this organization helps it handle all the clearances and paperwork to deliver aid to Gaza.

IHH organization


The IHH organization in Turkey has been working since 1992 to assist anyone in need. It has successfully helped people affected by war or any disaster.

To provide emergency aid and humanitarian support to Gaza, the IHH’s Gaza office was established in 2009.

In 2021, followed by a devastating attack on Palestine, 45,4000 Gazans were provided with educational, shelter, and food facilities.

IHH is working tirelessly to collect funds and help the affected people of Palestine during these hard times.

IF Charity

(United Kingdom)

A charity organization based in the United Kingdom is donating to Palestinians through various funding programs. The donations can be made through their website, where a small amount of just £10 can provide fuel for a family and £25 can supply a hygiene kit.

The IF Charity is known for its work during the 2008 assault on Gaza, after which it started to address the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.


(United States)

One of the most prominent organizations, PCRF, is donating urgently to help the affected Palestinians in Gaza. With 30 years of on-ground support, the organization is working tirelessly on numerous humanitarian and infrastructure projects, with a total of 103 successful ones.

One Ummah

(United Kingdom)

Providing aid to 18 calamity-stricken countries, including Palestine, One Ummah is working with its unwavering dedication to support the affected Palestinians during this ongoing devastating conflict in Gaza.

Guided by the values of the Quran and Sunnah, the team is seeking donations with options such as £50 for lifesaving and £120 to feed three families for one month.

Doctors without Borders

(United States)

Doctors without Borders is a charitable organization headquartered in the US. Since 1971, the group has evolved from 13 doctors and journalists to over 45,000 members. Along with this, the team has been running a reconstructive surgery program in northern Gaza.

Al Khidmat Foundation


Al Khidmat Foundation is a trusted charitable organization based in Pakistan with a track record of helping those suffering from disasters. Al Khidmat is currently working with local partners in Gaza, IHH, Hayrat, and Onsur to help the Palestinians affected by the recent conflict.

Muslim Global Relief

(United Kingdom)

Since 2007, Muslim Global Relief has delivered humanitarian relief in Gaza and is an award-winning charity. They are working hard to provide emergency medical aid, food parcels, water, shelter assistance, and financial aid to the affected families.

Human Appeal

(United Kingdom)

Human Appeal has been actively working for the people of Palestine for 30 years. The staff possesses a deep knowledge of the needs and protocols required for emergency response. Human appeals supported 67,000 Palestinians last year. In light of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, their efforts include providing fuel to ambulances, distributing food, and delivering hygiene kits to families.

As a Muslim and even a human, the least one can do is donate just a small penny to the affected Palestinians. Every single penny, every single prayer, and every single effort can at least save Palestine.

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