Why Allah Wants To Keep Us Hungry And Thirsty In Ramadan ?

Ramadan hungry thirsty

Ramadan – We have been blessed with the religion that encompasses every dimension of life starting from state crafting to how to play with your kids. Each and every order of Allah SWT is logical and has a purpose.

Today most of the non-Muslims and even a few Muslims ask different questions about Ramadan, Hajj, Prayers, etc.

Do they simply ask if Allah SWT does not need anything then why do you offer the prayer? They object that Muslims going to Ka’aba and performing Hajj is similar to idol worship. What will Allah get by keeping us hungry and thirsty for the whole day? As Ramadan is approaching, therefore, here I’ll just focus on fasting in Ramadan.

First of all, we need to understand that fasting in Ramadan is not for Allah SWT rather it is for our own benefit. Although it has a lot of benefits from the medical point of view like fasting corrects the high blood pressure, increases fats breakdown, boosts immunity, promotes weight loss, helps to overcome addiction, decreases the sugar in blood and cholesterol, etc.

In the narration of Abu Nua’im Holy Prophet PEACE BE UPON HIM said “Fast and be healthy”.

Medical science has proven a lot of blessings in Ramadan but Muslims do not fast to remain healthy. We fast because it is a commandment of Allah SWT. Therefore I’ll dilate upon spiritual aspects of Ramadan only.

Allah SWT says in Surah At-Tin “ Surely, we have created the man in best stature. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low”. We being human beings are the combination of two things, body, and soul. This body is created from this earth (mud and dust), it fulfills its requirements (food and diet) from here and it will go down in the same place. Whereas the soul comes from the heavens, its diet is the Quran and it will go back to the skies after we die.

If the animal instincts of the human body like greed, lust. Jealousy, rancor, hatred, the urge to dominate, etc takes over the soul then this man is “Lowest of the low” and if a soul is more powerful and has complete control over the body then this man has “Best stature”. Let’s take the example of a rider and a horse. If the horse is more powerful than the rider then it’s dangerous and if a rider has control over the horse only then it gives benefits.

Our body is a horse and our soul is a rider.

What happens in Ramadan? We refrain from all the halal and permissible and weaken which is the food of this human body and weaken it. At night we develop a connection with the Quran during Taraweeh which is necessary to empower it. In this way, Ramadan and the Quran have a very strong and profound relationship. These both help us to be at a place where we can be of “Best stature” instead of “Lowest of low”.

Ramadan is a training month and tells how a Muslim should be spending the rest of the 11 months. During the fast, we avoid Halal and permissible. It is a practice given to Muslims that if they can stop themselves from Halal, which is countless, while he is fasting; then they should abstain from Haram and forbidden which are very few. Following Ramadan in true spirit makes it easy for a Muslim to lead his life in disciplined and self-controlled manners as per rules given by Almighty Allah SWT.

During Ramadan, even a rich man remains hungry and feels the pain of the poor. This promotes a sense of sacrifice in his personality. It strongly encourages to help the needy. One learns to control anger, and desires and evaluate even small things differently.

Hearts become soft and people strive hard in the way of Allah SWT to have more and more Takwa, which is the root of all the deeds.

Before I conclude we must keep two things in our mind.

First, Ramadan and the Quran have a very deep connection. If we just refrain from eating and drinking then we can not achieve the real blessings of this month. We have to develop an understanding of the Holy Book in this Ramadan. Even if it is one chapter only. Ramadan is incomplete without the Quran.

Second, it has been observed with the concern that Muslims start Ramadan with zeal and enthusiasm. But this passion decreases with every passing day. On the day of Eid, we see a minimum number of people in Masajids. When the Holy Prophet PEACE BE UPON HIM passed away, great Sahabas like Hazrat Umer, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali, etc MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH THEM ALL collapsed and thought everything was over.

Then comes the man of steel nerves, Hazrat Abu Bakar MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH HIM. He went inside the house of Mother of Believers Hazrat Aysha MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH HER, kissed the forehead of the Holy Prophet PEACE BE UPON HIM, and came outside. He stood in front of Sahaba and delivered his historical sermon.

After the recitation of the Holy Quran, he said “Whoever worships the Holy Prophet PEACE BE UPON HIM should know that he has passed away. But he who worships Allah SWT should know that Allah SWT is eternal and does not die”. At the end of Ramadan, we must think in the same way.

One who worshiped Ramadan, it’s over. But whoever worshiped Rab of Ramadan, He is still there. Therefore, we should not think Ramadan is only the month to be good rather it is an opportunity to transform our personality for a whole life.

Author: Muhammad Anas

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