Babar Qadri, Influential Muslim Activist Shot Dead in Kashmir

A human rights advocate and an influential muslim figure shot dead in Indian occupied Kashmir. His killers are still on the loose.
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SRINAGAR: On Thursday, Babar Qadri, 40, was shot dead in his own home. The family confirmed that the attackers shot him in the head in his home located in the old part of Srinagar in Indian occupied Kashmir. The attackers are still unidentified, says Indian Police.

Since last year, India has tightened the security in Srinagar, stopping any social activist to publically speak against India.

For the past few days, the region has seen a number of Muslims being killed by unknown attackers. Recently, a mother was shot dead in front of his son.

New York Times has confirmed that the death of Babar is the part of Political assassinations in Kashmir, including those who are social activists.

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For a few days, Babar has been saying that he was reciving death threats.

He also said in the tweet that the police should investigate the people who have been accusing him of a man of “agencies”.

Former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah also tweeted after the demise of Qadri.

Babar was famous for his bold style of speaking against India’s violent stronghold in Kashmir. He used to support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir to which India had always accused him to be a part of Pro-Independence militants in Kashmir.

shafqat nazir

Zahera is the youngest daughter of Babar, 4 years old, asked where her father has gone, her mother replied, he went to Hajj.

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Babar has been buried after his family bid their last farewell.

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the hindu terrorists will be defeated one day

Syed Hussaini

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon

A Shabbir Ahmed

The dastardly criminals are none other than the bjp-rss goons who are on a genocide campaign in Kashmir.

May Allah Bless Brother Babar Qadri with Status of a Shaheed and Admit him to Jannat Ul Firdaus. Aameen.
May Allah Punish severely the bjp-rss goons in this world and the next. Aameen.

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