Amnesty International Takes Back Conscience Award From Suu Kyi

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Conscience award is the highest human rights award given by Amnesty International. But after Suu Kyi silently watched the massacre of millions of Muslims, Amnesty international has taken back the award from Suu Kyi.

Amnesty International also accused her of staying quiet while Rohingya Muslim minority was being executed on the basis of their religion. Furthermore, Amnesty International also added that Suu Kyi abused the power she is holding by staying quiet on such heinous crime. Recently, Canada also took back Canadian citizenship of Suu Kyi after found guilty in this matter.

Suu Kyi got her Conscience Award in 2009, after August 2017, when Rohingya Muslim matter went viral, since then Amnesty International observed her each activity to see if she is capable of holding their prestigious human right award, and it turned out that she did not want to talk about Rohingya matter at all.

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A number of 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh, to skip execution but sadly Bangladesh had also turned them away by saying “Bangladesh belongs to the people of bengal not Immigrants.”

United Nation openly gave warning to Myanmar authorities to not to use their power to kill, harass and rape the Muslim Rohingya minority. But Suu Kyi kept denying the report and kept telling the accusations are baseless.

In explanation, Amnesty International has said, “She has failed to protect the human right, she guarded the military who were openly violating the rules of Human Rights by killing the innocent and helpless people. She never ordered any inquiry to see if this is actually happening, so now, we are taking this prestigious human rights award back from her.”

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Furthermore, Added, The major reason why she found guilty that she did whatever she could to justify the criminal acts of Burmese military and did not say, not even a single world.

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