AKON Performed Umrah and Visited Kaaba During His KSA Tour

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Akon performed Umrah and stated that he feels lucky that Allah called him while visiting the Holy Kaaba in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

He recently visited Makkah and performed Umrah, the Muslim pilgrimage. Umrah is a type of a similar ritual to Hajj but it isn’t obligated like Hajj and isn’t equal to it whilst Hajj appears among as one of the five pillars in Islam.

Akon is very famous for producing various songs in the English language. Among these songs, he also worked to produce a lot of rap songs. In an interview, Akon shared that the reason which motivated him and succeeded him was his faith in Allah (SWT) and abiding by Islamic teachings.

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As Akon performed Umrah, the images of this star icon became viral at many social media platforms on Tuesday, at midnight.

Akon in kaaba

Many well-known Islamic preachers shared his picture on their social media profiles and pages and congratulated him on visiting the house of Allah, Kaaba at Makkah, for the purpose of Umrah. He was observed with his close friends and sometimes with his family members too while he was in Makkah.

Akon in makkah

A variety of his images with various people got spread on all the social media sites.
Among these social places, various videos are known to be uploaded on YouTube by diverse sources.

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For the moment when he was at Makkah for Umrah, a lot of people even weren’t aware of the fact that Akon is a Muslim. Due to which, people were behaving crazily when they watched his videos surrounding Tawaaf i.e. walking around Kaaba.

Akon infont of kaaba muslim

They were unaware of the fact that Akon belongs to a Muslim family. He was born to them on the 16th of April, 1973 in St. Louis. He further added that now when he is blessed by Allah almighty in terms of wealth, he should spend it by helping the needy ones to achieve the path of heaven.

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