Saudi Arabia re-opens the two holy mosques after they were temporarily closed for sterilization

tawaf stopped coronavirus

UPDATE: Saudi Arabia re-opens the two holy mosques after they were temporarily closed for sterilization over coronavirus.

Tawaf had stopped at the Holy Kaaba due to Coronavirus. The hall which once crowded with people is now empty, Live scenes.

Saudi officials have closed the doors of the Islamic holiest site for deep cleaning to prevent Coronavirus in the region.

tawaf at kaaba stoppe

Muslims all around the world are in a state of sadness to see the place which is usually crowded with worshippers doing tawaf stopped due to the deadly coronavirus.

Many Muslims on twitter wrote that this is the scene they never thought they would ever witness.

Tawaf Stopped! Muslims calling it a sign of Judgement day.

Muslims all over social media are linking this with one of the signs of Qayamah. As it is mentioned in the hadiths that when the final hour will come, Hajj will be stopped and Tawaf will be halted.

stopped tawaf at kaaba

The decision to close the gates of the holiest site in Islam comes after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia banned Umrah for foreigners as well as their local residents from entering Makkah and Madinah.

Famous Islamic speaker Dr. Yasir Qadhi and Umer said also gave the confirmation of this news on their social media.

While Umar Saif further clarified that the Kaaba is getting sterilized by Zambonis.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the government of Saudi Arabia is closely monitoring the entire situation and doing their best they can to keep coronavirus away from the Islamic holiest sites.

This is unknown when the government would allow foreigners and locals to enter the holiest sites to perform Umrah. But soon, the people would know what the course of action the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Araiba would take.

Islamic scholars have also suggested the Dua for Coronavirus which every Muslim man, Women, and Children should learn and keep reciting. We have also listed this dua.

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