Zombie Drug Is Spreading And Turning Humans into Cannibals, BEWARE!

Zombie Drug

Zombie Drug is the new epidemic which is turning Humans into Cannibal, and it is going viral all around the world. Watch the video below!

Becoming a zombie is no more a fiction thing. Recently, a drug has gone viral, just like Blue Whale Challenge, and everyone is trying it but end up turning into a cannibal!

Chinese manufacturer, “Flakka” is selling and spreading it all over the world. It is Pink or White solid crystal. This lethal thing has spread all over the world, and the world is witnessing the unreal effects of this zombie pill. People are educating themselves to avoid such a thing.

How is Zombie Drug affecting many people?

After a medical checkup, it has been found that your heart will start beating at an immense heart rate. A person will face a permanent psychological failure. Because of it dopamine and serotonin get stuck into one’s brain. And ultimately, it can cause heart failure and leads to becoming Canibal.

Here is the video of one affected person from this Zombie Pill in Brazil

All sorts of stuff which destroys your health are already dangerous, and now we have another dangerous thing which will not just destroy one’s health but also destroy oneself completely. People (Just for the sake of FUN!) but end up destroying themselves. And it can reach your own country too before it causes the damage to your own people too.

There is always a reason why these type of things were prohibited and has not considered legal because such things might seem enticing for a time being but in the long run it can destroy you, and the people around you and one day, these type of things eats you up, completely!

Share this as much as you can to aware people about this deadly thing that is becoming a part of our society!

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