What Is Blue Whale Game ? And Why This Game Taking Many Lives

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Blue Whale Game is getting famous day by day, but these tasks will end up in taking a person’s life. And this is why we should not play it!

Blue Whale Challenge game is a game which is neither an app nor some kind of software. But it is played on Whatsapp, like through chatting with a phone number which assigns you tasks to perform each day. All the tasks assigned to you by that number which you have to document to provide that number as a proof.

If you decline to give that number any kind of proof, that number threats you like killing your mother father or anyone who is closest to you. And due to this fear many people have taken their lives by committing suicide. The real story is, that these Whatsapp number, who claims to be Blue Whale Game, are the Hackers they hack your whole contact lists and texts and all, fetch all the information and use that information to threat you and force you to perform the tasks you have been assigned to. And most of the people are committing suicide just in the fear or losing someone else’s life because of this deadly game.

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Until now thousands of teenage and young people have died because of Blue Whale Challenge game, and the numbers of death are still growing faster. Kindly, if you are searching for the WhatsApp number to play this deadly game we urge you not to fall into the pit of death. Mostly, depressed people are playing this game to end their lives but in reality, this is making their lives even more horrible by caging them into such horrible circumstance where they see no light in their lives but only the darkness.

Kindly share this article as much as you can to increase awareness of this deadly game and save your loved ones from falling into this death pit.


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