11 Smart Robots To Sterlize Masjid al-Haram During Hajj 2022 Season

Smart Robots To Sterlize Masjid al Haram During Hajj 2022

The smart robot used to sterilize the Grand Mosque has received a SLAM patent and has a battery charging feature that can work for 5 to 8 hours without human intervention.

The advanced technology has a capacity of 23.8 liters and can consume two liters of water every hour to remove bacteria with a range of 600 square meters per cycle.

Equipped with dry fog particles measuring 5-15 micrometers used in the sterilization process, the robots can automatically go 3 kilometers continuously without needing human assistance.

Besides smart robots, Masjid Al Haram also employs about 4,000 male and female workers to disinfect and clean the Holy Mosque complex, which is known to have around 25,000 carpets.

Mohammed Al-Jabri, Secretary-General of the Agency for Services, Field Affairs, and Environmental Protection, said that using smart robots to disinfect the Grand Mosque aims to ensure a healthy and safe environment for worshipers to perform their prayers.

smart robots hajj 2022

The presidency is known to have assigned 400 officers at each of the 150 doors of the Grand Mosque to receive worshipers and visitors. The employees are also tasked with directing the congregation to the mahtaf and various other prayer spaces and regulating entry and exit from the Holy Mosque.

Security staff has also been stationed around the mosque to ensure that worshipers are not disturbed by others engaging in prohibited activities such as smoking, selling goods, or begging.

In addition, it is also known that the authorities of the Holy Mosque distribute Zamzam Water in 25,000 Zamzam containers which are transported in 20 carts that can accommodate up to 80 liters of water in operation. There are also 516 drinking fountains provided for worshippers.

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