20 Countries That Banned Niqab/Burqa

1. France

In 2011, France introduced the complete ban on face coverings.

2. Belgium

In 2017, European Court of Human Rights put complete ban on Niqabs.

3. Congo

In 2015, Republic of the Congo becomes first African country to ban Burqa.

4. Chad

In 2015, Chad becomes first Muslim-majority country to ban face coverings.

5. Gabon

In 2015, After the suicide bombings, Gabon decided to put ban on Niqabs.

6. Bulgaria

In 2016, Bulgaria banned face covering after a bill pushed by Patriotic Front Coalition.

7. Latvia

In 2016, Latvia banned face coverings to protect Latvia's cultural values.

8. Austria

In 2017, the country banned the face-coverings with a 150€ (£135) fine.

9. Denmark

The country banned the Burka in 2018, citing the face-coverings go against Danish culture.

10. Sri Lanka

The country banned Niqab in 2019 after suciide bombings.

11. Canada

Canada makes Niqab wearing illegal, they can't get jobs or ride a bus.

12. Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel banned Niqabs in country back in 2016.

13. Cameroon

Cameroon banned Burqa in 2015 after a suicide attack.

14. Morocco

Morocco banned Niqab in 2017 and also made the sale illegal.

15. Israel

Back in 2010, Knesset passed a pill to prohibit wearing niqab.

16. Italy

Italy passed a law in 1975 that bans the all sorts of face-coverings.

17. Netherlands

Netherlands banned face veil back in 2012.

18. Sweden

Sweden banned the face coverings in 2012.

19. Norway

Norway banned Niqabs in public in 2016.

20. Switzerland

Switzerland banned Burqa in Public after holding a referendum in 2021.