Muslim Population in India Increased by 14.09%, Report

While the Hindu population in India declined by 7.82%.
muslim kids in india
Image: Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah

The new analysis report shared by the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (PM-EAC) shows that in the history of 65-year tenure, the Hindu population significantly declined. While Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians rose greatly.

The report ‘Share of Religious Minorities: A cross country analysis’ studied data on religious populations for 167 countries.

As per the report Hindu population declined by 7.82%, while the Muslim population showed the most positive impact with an increase of 14.09%. In comparison with other communities in India as Christian population rose by 2.36% and the Sikh population rose to 1.85%. While alongside the Hindu population, the Jain and Parsi communities have also seen a decline.

Despite PM Modi-led chaos for the Muslim minority in India, Muslims seem to be a growing population as per the report. PM Modi has been seen mocking Muslims to get votes from their Hindu counterparts.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also pushed for not giving Muslims any quote in any of the party seats. Such discrimination has drawn a great number of criticism from voices around the world but PM Narendra Modi seems to be appointing the same strategy to get votes.

Congress however have targeted BJP to stop them from creating chaos in the daily lives of the Muslims residing in India. However, the BJP created roadblocks for the politicians campaigning for Congress to snatch the victory from them.

Not just India, Europe has also seen a great increase in the Muslim populations in its major cities, predicting Muslims will be the nominating majority in the region.

However, in India, Muslims have ruled India for hundreds of years, and have done great for the Indian region, the population growth is a great sign for the Muslim population living in India.

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